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hey long time no see! sounds nice so far :) i would spice up the chords a bit tho

Dovax responds:

Que hay bros! Gracias por el consejo, aunque no se cuales chords xd

I like it, it’s well executed! However, from my view standpoint triplets in 4/4 isn’t weird at all. It’s the most used tuplet and people are used to its sound especially because of music that is on 3/4 time signature like a waltz for example. I think you should work on mixing and arrangement; the chords get muddy and unclear in some parts, this is because you are using closed and low register voicings (the way you organize the notes of a chord) for the chords, causing accumulation of frequencies. Have this in mind, in acoustics, lower pitch, will have more overtones and weaker fundamental frequency; higher pitch will have less overtones and more present fundamental. This applies to real instruments but also to some synthetic sounds, especially the ones that have too much overtones. What am i saying with this? when building chords, make sure to not have them be too low, if you think your chords sound muddy, trying a higher inversion might solve the problem! also consider that short harmonic intervals (from minor 2nd to major 3rd) in the low register, because that will generally sound bad, in higher registers short intervals will sound clear most of the time. Now, something else to consider, turning down the 200-400hz range of your chords and cutting all the frequencies below 200hz with an equalizer will make your chords and low end sound cleaner as well.

You have to work on the stereo imaging as well, i notice the mid and low mid range is too wide, this makes the center feel empty and will sound bad when playing in mono speakers. You may have accidentally done that while sound designing, have in mind that unison and detune mess with stereo a lot, when you add for example 16 voices to make a supersaw lead/chords/bass, the synth will copy the sound 16 times and pan it across the left and right channels detuning each voice a little bit to avoid phase cancellation, this makes the sound extremely wide and a lot of producers aren’t aware of this, so next time pay attention to that because a wide main element isn’t good unless there are mono layers as support.

There are other things i could point out but for now that should be enough!

ShockblastDeluxe responds:

Thanks for your input! I look forward to putting the mixing tips you gave in practice.

by any chance do you listen to Anomalie? this reminds me so much of him, what a dope vibe

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Excellent work! The middle one is the best imo ^^

Nice! It's a great concept, but you should study the proportions of the human body to learn how to make humans instead of stickmans. I see that you're interested in art and i know that you'll get better eventually, sooo I will scout you! keep going ;)

JessieYun responds:

Thank you very much for such a lovely comment and advice! Since I had to draw this with fingers, it was hard for me to draw more details.

Love it! Thanks so much<3

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